This lesson shows the dangers of speeding. This driver safety video is a preview of what you will find in the DDC 4, 6th edition course from the National Safety Council. This course teaches the stages, causes and prevention of collisions, how to reduce collision risk with defensive driving strategies, how driving distractions such as talking and texting affect driving ability, the definition of impairment and its related dangers, the impact of physical, weather, road and traffic conditions, how to identify and minimize aggressive driving activities and the four fatal driving behaviors. In addition to a four-hour traditional delivery, a company may elect to customize the course in a series of 10-minute lessons. Each lesson can be customized to include:
• Corporate driver safety policies
• Vehicle maintenance
• Inspection procedures
• Additional content on distracted and impaired driving
• Parking lots and parking lot hazards
• Handling vehicle breakdowns
• Expanded instruction on roadway markings