On Saturday, September 17th, attorneys David Daggett and Griff Shuler of Daggett Shuler Law appeared on Triad Today to emphasize safety for all when encountering school buses. Now that school is back in session, it’s important information for everyone to have. Watch the segment:

With over 26 million students riding school buses every day, we all need to be cautious while  sharing the road with these vehicles. One of the most critical things that both drivers and students need to do is to pay close attention and avoid distractions. For kids, that means being aware of passing traffic and making sure to stay on the sidewalk or grass, well out of the way of other cars. When it comes to drivers, the same rule applies to driving by a school bus as it does any other time while driving – avoid distractions. It’s easy to pick up your phone “for just a second,” fiddle with your radio, or otherwise take your eyes off the road for a moment. However, that moment could be a critical one. Keeping your full attention on the road is the most important thing while driving – around school buses or not.

Determining what you need to do when a school bus stops depends on the roadway situation. Generally a good rule of thumb is to stop when a bus stops and puts on its flashing lights and extends their stop sign. However, the number of lanes on the road, medians, and center turning lanes complicate things. Get the full details for every situation here.

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