Spring is in full force here in the Triad, and I have been so pleased to see so many new faces when out on my daily run! It seems that the entire community is out walking, biking, and running with me. The spring weather should encourage us to take advantage of these amazing days!

While many people see the first nice weather of the year as the perfect opportunity to begin a fitness regimen, I have heard from several friends that they don’t know how to get started – so let’s go over some beginner fitness tips!

First off – the best way to start a new habit is to start small. When you are just beginning your fitness journey, make reasonable and attainable goals. Does a mile walk seem out of reach? Start with a walk around your block, and when that feels comfortable, push yourself a little further. Simple calisthenics, walks, push-ups, and other fitness routines take no equipment at all and are easy to do anywhere. If you need some new ideas, go to YouTube – you can even do workouts with trainers online!