A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to speak with the students at Cook Elementary School.  Every single one of them liked to swim, bike, or run – and some liked all three! Voila – put all three together and you have a triathlon! If you have never been to a triathlon before, then plan to watch the Smiley Triathlon Festival in the Clemmons West neighborhood the weekend of July 23rd. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, why not sign up to race? I promise to give you a championship reception at the finish line!

A two-day event, the Smiley Triathlon Festival Weekend features the nationally acclaimed Kids for Kids Triathlon for children ages 7-14 on Saturday, and the Smiley Sprint Triathlon for adults on Sunday. I have been involved in both events separately for years, and when given the opportunity to combine them, I jumped at the chance to offer the community a Triathlon festival unlike anything seen in the Triad before. As our competitors have come to expect, we will have a live band at the finish line, hundreds of spectators, and many Clemmons West families watching the race from their own front yards.

The Kids Race is one of the highlights of our community and is nationally acclaimed. This will be the 19th year of this wonderful event. For all in attendance, the smiles on these young faces provide a lifetime of memories.  We are so pleased to introduce kids to the sport in a safe and fun environment!