Driverless Car Accidents, Who is at Fault?

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Advances in technology are improving. Developments in car safety, including driver assist, warning systems, and other automotive processes simply make driving safer. One of the most advanced and up-and-coming systems are driverless modes in vehicles or entirely driverless vehicles. Car manufacturers claim these so called driverless vehicles can see and sense hazards well-before a human driver can, and claim that their advanced technology eliminate the top causes of traffic accidents.

Despite this, we still see daily news that driverless car accidents continue to happen. Some of these accidents have resulted in catastrophic or fatal injuries to drivers, passengers, and third-parties. But how do victims in driverless car crashes recover their losses?

Generally speaking, the driver of a driverless car will still be liable for a car accident. That’s because the law still places a duty on drivers of all vehicles – driverless or not – to exercise reasonable care in the use or operation of a motor vehicle. Drivers who are operating a driverless vehicle still need to be aware and ready to intervene at any time. Thus, if their driverless car causes a motor vehicle accident, they may still be liable under the law.

However, there may be liability also on the part of the vehicle manufacturer. Although it is true that the driver of a driverless vehicle is ultimately responsible, if the vehicle malfunctions – if brakes fail or it does not respond to user control – the manufacturer may still be liable for a product defect. This is particularly true if the vehicle does something sudden and erratic, giving even an attentive driver little to no time to intervene.

Unfortunately, due to the complexities of driverless vehicle accidents, including the fact that this is an emerging issue in personal injury law, victims and their families should contact an experienced and knowledgeable law firm to help immediately.

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