The Importance Of Acting Fast When You Have Been Injured

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The importance of acting fast after you have been injured in an accident cannot be overstated. Insurance companies and defense lawyers know this and are always looking for an edge over accident victims, and if you don’t beat them to it, you simply won’t get the compensation you deserve.

We’re talking mostly about evidence. Generally speaking, some of the most important evidence in any personal injury case is that non-party testimony from witnesses. This means individuals who saw your accident, the defendant’s negligence, and your injuries. The longer that it takes you to interview those witnesses, the more likely that their memory will fade or become tainted by a defense lawyer or insurance adjuster who gets there first.

The same is true of photographic or video evidence. Many homeowners and businesses have security cameras and other devices around their properties which are always recording. However, these devices often don’t store their recordings for long – sometimes just for a few days. It’s essential after an accident to preserve this evidence before it’s gone forever.

Similarly, in trucking accidents it is imperative to get right to the truck to download its black box or “ECM” data before the defendant’s adjuster has an opportunity to do so. This data can make or break a trucking accident case, and sometimes you need to act even faster than law enforcement to ensure when the police release the truck from their investigation, it goes to you and not the defendant.

This is also true of other motor vehicle accidents where you can take photographs of the damage and points of impact to help build your case before a vehicle is repaired or scrapped.

It is also necessary to act fast in personal injury cases because of something called the statute of limitations – something which functions like a time limit to begin a lawsuit. Even though this time limit is three years for personal injury cases in North Carolina, there are actually instances where you may have only months to file a notice of claim or your case may be found untimely and dismissed.

Finally, if you’ve been injured in an accident, the real reason why you need to act fast is to regain control after a reckless defendant has caused you pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills. These will quickly become overwhelming without experienced help, and we can be there for you – and fast.