GREENSBORO, NC — WFMY News 2 wants to know team takes all sorts of calls. Some we can help with. Others really need a lawyer. But where’s the line?

Personal injury lawyer David Daggett joined Frank Mickens to go over a few scenarios that could help us figure it out.


Daggett said it depends on several factors. Are you a child, or an adult, and did the incident happen in a school environment or public environment. He said there are statutes designed to protect students in a school environment as teachers and school employees are obligated to report the problem. If its an employment situation, report it to the employer. The employer has an obligation to report the issue. If its a public matter, you probably want to contact the authorities. But any type of physical threat should be reported to the proper authorities. Don’t call a lawyer first.


Daggett said it again depends on the circumstance. Many times money for your rights means settling a claim. But if you’re settling a claim, you probably want to contact an attorney to make sure you know what your doing — depending on the size of the issue you’re dealing with. He said if its dealing with land or property, you’re better off getting advice on the front end, then having a big mess on the back end.

-Daggett said to look at the economic feasibility. if its a landlord tenant issue, Daggett said the good thing is both Greensboro and Winston-Salem have landlord-tenant mediation programs to help resolve those disputes.

-If something in your food causes a harm, depending on the harm, you might want to get representation. Always remember to preserve the evidence, just in case.

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