A question I am often asked is what do you do after an automobile accident. The most important thing to do and always the number one thing to do is check to make sure that you’re not injured and then help anybody who is injured at the scene. It doesn’t matter whose vehicle they’re in, people are the most important thing. Take care of the people first, if needed – call 911, get help and make sure the people are taken care of.

The second thing that people often ask is – do I move my vehicle or do I leave it where it is. That’s a little bit on a continuum. Our recommendation is to leave the vehicle where it is as long as its not creating a major hazard. It might back up a few cars but as long as it’s not creating a major hazard leave it where it is to preserve evidence and allow for the law enforcement officer to fully document the scene.

The most important thing though is to make sure to take care of yourself, contact your insurance company, and contact a lawyer if you have any questions. Most injury lawyers will give you help, direction and guidelines whether you need representation or not.

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