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Traffic Fatalities Increase Two Years In A Row

(Transcript) Cindy Speaker: Hello, my name is Cindy Speaker. Welcome to our Facebook Live broadcast. I’m delighted to have with me today, David Daggett, attorney David Daggett of Daggett Shuler Law. Not only is David an attorney, but he is an Iron Man triathlete, which is very impressive to me. He’s competed in 185 triathlons, […]

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New Bicycle Laws in North Carolina

(Transcript) Hi, I’m Cindy Speaker and we are honored today to have attorney David Daggett with us. David is an avid cyclist, but he is also an amazing IRONMAN triathlete. So David, thanks for being with us today. David Daggett: Thank you, Cindy, thanks for having me. Cindy Speaker: Absolutely. Well, we’re going to talk […]

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